BayInfotech Gives Back

Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Love Never Fails is a local non-profit whose efforts focus on helping survivors of human trafficking by providing them the tools and resources to further their self-developments. Love Never Fail's mission is to provide a fresh start for their clients to move forward in their lives; either through housing, workshops and training. Their programs are designed to help clients discover educational and career paths to move forward in their lives, with a portion of it involving a 14-week Cisco tech training program aiming to give participants first-hand experience of working in the tech industry.

In support of their launch, BayInfotech and other Bay Area organizations came together to provide personal coaching and mentorships to help participants build life, IT and entrepreneurial skills, many of which are crucial in helping them on their journey to having financially sustainable careers.

All IT Biz graduates were invited to the Cisco Headquarters for a tour of their John Chambers Customer Experience Center and Cisco Learning Labs. Furthermore, in helping these hardworking graduates get a proper kick-off to the launch of their careers in the tech industry, all IT Biz graduates were sponsored by BayInfotech to have paid internships at Cisco and Partners!