Enabling a success ladder into a Professional Career!

BayInfotech is very passionate about giving back to the community. We enthusiastically work with Love Never Fails (LNF), a non-profit committed to providing members of the under-served and under-represented community including human trafficking survivors, foster, system involved and/or transitional aged youth, teenage parents, etc. an opportunity to compete for professional careers in sustainable industries. Maulik, BayInfotech’s CEO, believes in this cause wholeheartedly and recently became a LNF advisory board member.

We work with LNF in a variety of ways from fundraisers to podcast interviews. Specifically, BayInfotech was able to contribute greatly to the charity's ITBiz program. The organization's curriculum provides technology and entrepreneurial training as well as life skills to support members of underserved and underrepresented communities in order to help them secure financially sustainable careers in the Tech industry. With our expertise we are able to contribute to defining the program’s structure and provide a hands-on lab for the students. We are able to help mentor students because of the skills we have obtained from providing cutting edge solutions to our customers. BayInfotech helped conduct mock interviews with ITBiz students to prepare them to compete for professional careers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also went on to sponsor paid internships for these students and most of them are able to obtain their professional career as a result.

A great example of a success story from this experience is Naticia Leon or better known as Tish. Tish came to Love Never Fails with her own troubling backstory. This made her the perfect candidate for the ITBiz program. Through her hard work and dedication, she was able to succeed. BayInfotech was there the whole time cheering her on and providing her every resource possible. Through training and guidance, we are able to help Tish obtain a paid internship and later on a full-time position. Tish landed to a full-time job at Cisco and loving her job. She is also a proud home owner. Hear more about Tish’s professional life transformation journey and how BayInfotech could be an instrumental on her journey.

I'm truly humbled and honored to be in the position to support for the great cause. At BayInfotech, we truly believe in “We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll.